What are the rules?

For our 2019 audio competition, In Sickness & In Health, we’re highlighting SOHP’s new project, Stories to Save Lives. Producers will choose from interviews with southerners about health, illness, and medical care in their own lives, in their families and in their communities. There are three rules for this competition.

Final work must:

  • Be no longer than three minutes in length
  • Incorporate themes of health, illness, or medical care in the American South
  • Use at least two different voices from this curated collection of 15 SOHP interviews

How do I submit?

Read about the competition and the rules for 2019 (or simply read them above!).

When you’ve produced your work, go to the Submit page on the Sonic South website. Follow the link to the entry form. You will fill in details like your name, contact information, the title of your work, a short description of your piece, works cited, and an mp3 file of your work.

 When is the deadline?

Entries must be submitted by midnight EST on Friday, February 8, 2019.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, you can submit more than one entry, as long as each work adheres to the rules of the competition.

Can I use other elements outside of the SOHP curated list?

As long as you use at least two of the voices from our curated list of 15 SOHP interviews, go to town! You may use other interviews from SOHP’s archive, interviews from other oral history and sound archives, composed music, sound art, whatever your creative heart desires. Be imaginative!

However, you must cite all sources, and have been granted permission to use outside archival elements. Entries without archival citations or permissions will be disqualified.

How do I use the SOHP archive? (or a Short Guide to Navigating our Database!)

That is an excellent question!

You can listen to and download all 15 of the curated interviews from our website. Remember, entries must contain at least two of these voices in your final piece.

If you’re aiming to use other interviews from the SOHP’s archive of 6,000 interviews, here are a few ways we like to navigate our interview database (and there are many ways to navigate).

What will happen to my work?

A panel of judges will select the top five pieces that will be played before a live audience at a listening room on April 4, 2019 at the CURRENT Theater in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The judges will select one piece for Best of the Sonic South, and the producer will receive $500. One work will also be selected for Audience Choice.

What if you didn’t answer my question?

Email us at sohp@unc.edu.